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Klerksdorp Pilot Association

KPA is the official representative body for local and resident pilots. Delegated by the Klerksdorp City Council, KPA is responsible for the management of Klerksdorp Aerodrome

Apart from Aviation Events, Drag Racing events are also accommodated from time to time


Situated close to Klerksdorp Dam, Kolobe Aviation Park & Game Lodge is centrally located to provide a comfortable stay for visitors and pilots from Gauteng, North West and Free State.

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Klerksdorp is an unmanned airfield. Fixed wing aircraft call 10 miles out and join overhead at 6000 ft. Microlights stay at or below 5000 ft within the circuit (out of courtesy for faster aircraft), otherwise normal rules of the air apply. Klerksdorp Aerodrome (FAKD) is the ideal recreational and training aerodrome. There is no controlled airspace, no fly zones or built up areas directly around the airfield that may restrict flying activities.

To switch on, give three clicks on radio frequency 123.5 - wait for 5 seconds for lights to illuminate. Lights will remain on for 20 minutes. The Annual Klerksdorp Airshow and the Presidents Trophy Air Race are the two major aviation events hosted at Klerksdorp Aerodrome. Monthly Club competitions, Fly-aways and Social events are hosted on a monthly basis. Social evening and braai every first Friday of the month.

There is more to Microlight flying than simply flying the Microlight. Friendship, Adventure and love of the great outdoors combine to create a flying experience that is unparalleled in any other flying discipline! Well the year has once sped by at an alarming rate and as I get older this rate seems to increase exponentially! The main event this year was the Presidents trophy air race which went off well with no major hitches and a little money was made.

The KPA has taken over the clubhouse by mutual agreement with Kassie, whilst Kassie still occupies one of the offices for flight school purposes. We know that this will be a mutually beneficial arrangement with our strengths complimenting one another.

With this year drawing to a close we have 2 events left, one being a road race at the airfield (to raise funds in order to upgrade the club plane), where we have created a track and cars/bikes/4-wheelers race against the clock, much like British Hillclimb or rallying. This event is called the KOSH Cannonball and will take place on the 17th of November. The second starts on the evening of the 23rd November with Horace Blok, ex SAAF and crew member on the ill fated Pelican 16 Shakelton that went down in the Sahara desert, and Karl Jensen, giving us a presentation and taking us through the trip. I have been told that this is a very interesting story and should not be missed. The bar will be open and braai fires lit and ready.

On the Saturday we will start off with a competition that we hope to make a yearly event (The suggested name is the “Matlosana” and thus giving it an identity) and attract many other aircraft in the process. EAA has been invited to take part. At 08:00 local, we have a handicap air race in which all airies will take part ie blik, plastic and microlights. There will be 2 courses, one for microlights (36 minutes at 50 MPH) and one for blik and plastic (36 minutes at 100MPH), running similtaneoulsy and designed so that all airies should cross the line at once. Now we are fallible, and this might not happen, but the idea is to have fun, so with our not so perfect handicap system, the first plane over the line wins.

Best South Africa’s airshows

South Africa is a diverse and beautiful country. It offers you the opportunity to enjoy spectacular airshows which are at the top of the tourist attractions of this nation. Rely on the expertise of your seasoned escort and let her take you to the best events where you can admire the skills of the most talented pilots.

South Africa’s airshows: an unforgettable experience

Since the celebration of the 2010 football World Cup, tourism in this country has increased in an impressive way. This nation has gradually reached the perfect balance between the Western world and the African continent, where the vineyards are intermingled with mountains, lakes and beaches. Adventurous escorts like those from EROS have visited this country probably more than once, which has allowed them to gather an experience that can help you make the most of your visit.

Johannesburg and Cape Town are authentic spotlights emanating tradition, music and an increasingly globalized atmosphere. It is on these metropolises that you get to enjoy some of the most impressive events starred by African aviation teams.

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Each show features more than 200000 attendees from all over the world. You get to enjoy at least 5 hours of spectacular aerial exhibits including helicopters, historic plains, civil acrobatic patrols and combat aircraft demonstrations.

In 2009 South African Air Force Overberg hosted one of the major two airshows of the year. The assistants were able to observe the Saab Gripen, Douglas C-47, Bae Hawk and the display team Silver Falcons with its Pilatus PC-7. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran on this field, you can always count with the knowledge of skilled escorts to prepare you for this unique experience.

South Africa’s airshow at Pretoria

South Africa also hosts events that combine fairs with airshows like the case of the one inaugurated at Pretoria in 2016. For the first time military produced airplanes of the continent were presented at the mentioned exposition. Your beautiful and smart escort probably knows some curious facts that she might want to share with you in regards to these aircrafts.

Namibia focuses on military vehicle restoration. This work includes the repair of patrol boats, which are ideal for operations in shallow water such as lakes and rivers. According to experts, this kind of transportation is practically impossible to sink.

On the other hand, Sudan brought the SAFAT Aviation Group to participate in the airshow as well as for the static exhibition. Let your acquainted escort share with you pertinent information about this organization. Established a decade ago, it offers maintenance, repair and overhaul services for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft operating in eastern and northern Africa.

SAFAT also counts with a training center for pilots, engineers and technicians.

The exhibit of 2016 presented world-class airshows that amused all the attendees. Those included parachute launches, acrobatics and static demonstrations made by some of the most important representatives of aviation and defense industry. Enjoy this experience accompanied by your stunning and skilled escort and let her show you the real meaning of adventure.